Health Care Fraud

(The Bucks County Courthouse.  File photo)

Bucks County’s H.R. Director Suspended in Wake of Health Insurance Debacle

Meredith Dolan, the county’s human resources director, has been suspended indefinitely without pay and is not likely to return.


(The Bucks County Courthouse.  File photo)

Bucks County’s H.R. Department Slammed by Health Care Probers

The grand jury did not find fraud by county workers but noted that the county’s human resources department failed to remove people who weren’t entitled to benefits from the health care rolls.


Medicaid Fraud Case Highlights Need For Protection

The recent arrests of two women in Montgomery County for allegedly neglecting a man who needed round-the-clock care after a devastating brain injury several years ago shows the importance of a new state law designed to protect a large segment of the population.



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