Health Alert

Health Alert

Health: NJ Mom Surgery Denial Follow-Up

A follow up on a life saving surgery for a New Jersey mom that had initially been denied by her insurance company — 3 On Your Side stood up for her, and Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl has the update.


Back Pain

Curing Back Pain From Extended Sitting

Back pain that comes from sitting for hours. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl says it’s a growing problem for millions.



Ultrasound To Heal Bone Fractures

We’re talking about broken bones. It’s a common injury, and when they don’t heal properly, there can be constant pain, and additional surgeries. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl tells us about a high tech way to help re-generate bones.



Dangers Of Decorative Halloween Contact Lenses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Cat eyes or red like a devil are some popular looks for Halloween. Decorative contact lenses are big sellers for the spooky holiday, but they can cause some scary damage. “It was […]



Health: Bionic Knee

There’s a promising new treatment for knee pain using electric stimulation. Some are even calling it a bionic knee. 3 On Your Side Medical Reporter Stephanie Stahl has the details on how it may help many patients avoid surgery altogether.




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