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Avalon Police: Car Service Driver Charged With Lewdness, Fondled Himself While Woman Was Stuck In Car

After taking a ride in Salem’s vehicle and reaching her destination, the woman was not able to open the rear door of the car.


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Catcalling Illegal In Some Instances

Are there laws against catcalling on the street? The answer is, it depends.


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Ex-East Stroudsburg Student Claims He Didn’t Report Harassment Out Of Fear

A man who accuses a former state university administrator of groping him said Wednesday he didn’t report it out of fear he’d be perceived as gay.


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Bullying At Work

Anyone who’s ever worked with a bully knows how awful it can be. Is verbal abuse on the job illegal? And what can you do about it?


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Defining Racial Discrimination

If your boss uses offensive racial slurs against your coworkers who are a different race than you, can you sue because you were offended? You may be surprised.


Suing An Employer For Emotional Distress

Anyone who has been fired has faced emotional distress. But when can you file a claim against your former employer for intentional infliction of emotional distress?


Anti-Bullying Laws Only Apply To Kids

While there are laws to protect children against bullies, there are no anti-bullying laws that protect adults from those who choose to be mean-spirited or hurtful.


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Sex Offender Arrested At Willingboro Library For Harassment

Around 1:03 p.m., police were called to the library by a parent, who was concerned that a man had been following some of the children around the library and making them feel uncomfortable.


Verbal Abuse At Work

Anyone who’s ever worked with a bully knows how awful it can be but is verbal abuse on the job illegal?


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Doylestown Police Seek Suspect For Harassment Of 2 Women

Police in Doylestown are warning women to be on the lookout. This past weekend a man approached two women, struck up a casual conversation, and then pulled down their tops before running away.


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Town Worker Sues Gloucester Township Over Workplace Harassment

A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Gloucester Township public works employee Steven Brodie Jr., who says he was taunted by two colleagues because of his race and the township did nothing about it.