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Overloading Fire Escapes A Long-Running Problem, Landlords’ Group Says

Darryl Zaslow of HAPCO, a group representing rental property owners, says all too often younger renters use fire escapes to smoke or to hang out, and potentially overload it.


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Phila. Officials May Consider Tighter Fire Escape Inspection Regulations

Currently, owners of rental properties must apply for an annual rental license but are not required to submit proof that the fire escape has been inspected.


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Philadelphia Set To Require Longer-Life Batteries In Old-Home Smoke Alarms

Philadelphia City Council today took a step toward requiring that older homes which still have battery-operated smoke alarms must use newer models with batteries that last 10 years.


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Councilman Wants Landlords’ Properties Up To Code Before They Get A License

Philadelphia City Council will look at closing a little loophole in which property owners who don’t keep their houses up to code can still receive a landlord’s license.


(Philadelphia city councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, in 2011.  File photo from City of Phila. TV)

Philadelphia Councilwoman Modifies Lead Paint Testing Bill To Address Critics

Politics as the art of compromise was very evident in Philadelphia City Council with the apparent resolution of a dispute over a plan to require more lead paint testing in rental buildings.


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Lead-Based Paint Testing Rules Pass City Council Committee

In a nearly seven-hour hearing, Philadelphia landlords squared off against child health advocates, as a City Council committee approved a plan to require more testing for lead-based paint.