These young ladies are among about 1,000 teens trying to spin their way into the Guiness Book of World Records. (credit: Jim Melwert)

Jewish Teens Try For New Dreidel-Spinning Record

Nearly 1000 Jewish teenagers teamed up to take at a shot at the record for most dreidels spinning at the same time in the same room.


festival of lights

Jewish Community Celebrates Hanukkah With Parade And Menorah Lighting

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter helped light the huge menorah on Independence Mall, Saturday, after a Hanukkah parade that wound through center city.



‘Latkapalooza’ This Weekend In Center City

On the fifth night of Hanukkah, the Gershman Y celebrates the potato pancake.


(credit: Getty Images)

The Polite Way To Tell Loved Ones You Want Cash For Holidays

One local expert says there’s a nice way to ask for an envelope of cash instead of another itchy sweater.