Graterford Prison

A sign in front of Graterford Prison. (File photo By Mike Levin/Getty Images)

KYW Flashback: Unlikely Defendant Convicted Of Paying Hitman For Double Murder, Jack Lopinson Dies In Prison

The Philadelphia courtroom was packed on that March day in 1965 as an unlikely defendant from a respected local family went on trial for an unimaginable double murder.


Larry Stephenson Jr. and Darren Stephenson and their sons at the Father's Day Rally Committee Fatherhood Awards Ceremony. (credit: Cherri Gregg)

Chester Man Not Letting Life Behind Bars Stop Him From Being Standout Father

A Chester man serving life behind bars at Graterford Prison received high honors this week. He managed to raise his two sons from a prison cell.


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Former Prison Guard Accused Of Stealing Sick Time Back In Jail In Montgomery County

A former Graterford Prison corrections officer, accused of forging notes from a doctor in order to get additional sick time from the state, was back behind bars late Tuesday in Montgomery County after failing to appear for two court appearances.


(John Wetzel, secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Corrections, addresses the Arts and Criminal Justice Symposium at the center city campus of Temple University.   Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Mural Arts Symposium Focuses On Art’s Anti-Crime Role in Society

Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program held its 2012 “Arts and Criminal Justice Symposium” in center city Philadelphia, part of its efforts to teach community groups how to use art to rehabilitate those both in and outside of the prison system.


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Judge Deals Setback To Prison Guard Accused Of Faking Illness To Steal Sick Time

A Montgomery County judge has ruled prosecutors can continue to freeze the state retirement account of a former corrections officer at Graterford Prison accused of faking a deadly disease to steal sick time from her co-workers and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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Graterford Prison Guard Charged With Faking Doctor’s Notes For Time Off

Prosecutors say Samantha Sinkler forged letters from her doctors, claiming she was being treated for cancer and seizures.


George Hiltner opens the prison's heavy gate. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Visitors To Eastern State Unlock Secrets Of The Prison

Visitors to the historic landmark will be handed the keys to the intricate locking mechanisms on the prison’s cells and gates.


Judge Halts Bidding for Graterford Prison Replacements

A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge has ordered a halt to the bidding process for a new project to expand and replace Graterford state prison in Montgomery County.