Governor Rendell

Rendell Predicts 12,000 Layoffs Without Federal Aid

Governor Rendell now puts at more than 12,000 the estimated number of layoffs that would result if Congress fails to approve federal medical assistance for Pennsylvania and other states.


Rendell Accepts Responsibility for Many Problems at DRPA

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell conceded last week he may be responsible, at least in part, for some of the public pressure that’s now being placed upon the Delaware River Port Authority.


Rendell OK With No Invitation to Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Despite the fact that he’s close to both of her parents, Governor Rendell won’t be on the guest list for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding today. But the governor shows no signs of being miffed.


Rendell, Christie Call for Reforms at DRPA

Amid continuing troubles within the Delaware River Port Authority, the governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey have written agency officials, calling for a series of reforms.


It’s Roads vs. Mass Transit in Pa. Funding Fight

The debate over transportation funding in Pennsylvania is once again pitting urban lawmakers — with a keen interest in supporting mass transit — against rural legislators, more interested in funding roads and bridges.