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New Developments In Pa. Democratic Party

The very early front runners are taking steps, some of them intriguing.



Pennsylvania Lawmakers Revisit School Voucher Program

Along with an effort to sell off state liquor stores, a new attempt to establish a school voucher program is shaping up as one of the big issues for Pennsylvania lawmakers in the year ahead.


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Rendell Sets Record For Pardons

Gov. Rendell, by the time he leaves office, will have issued close to 1,100 pardons. That is more than twice as many as any other Pennsylvania governor in recent decades.


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Energy Conservation Firm Sets Up At Philadelphia Navy Yard

A leading installer of home energy saving solutions in Europe is launching new US operations, which will be headquartered in the former Philadelphia Navy Yard.


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Rendell: Failure to Pass Gas Drilling Tax is “A Bunch of Bull”

With the clock winding down, Governor Rendell says the effort to enact a tax on natural gas drilling before he leaves office has “broken down.”



Rendell Calls For Meeting Over Natural Gas Tax

Governor Rendell is ripping state Senate Republicans, accusing them of stalling efforts to pass a tax on the state’s fledgling natural gas drilling industry.


Gov. Rendell To Review Wagner’s Charter School Moratorium

The auditor general said there should be no more charter or cyber-charter schools until the legislature addressed what he believes is an inequitable formula for funding those schools.



Rendell Laughs Off Talk About White House Post

Governor Ed Rendell calls “ludicrous” any speculation that he’s a candidate to become President Obama’s chief of staff.



Governor Rendell Urging Harrisburg To Avoid Bankruptcy

As Pennsylvania’s state government wrestles with budget challenges, the commonwealth’s capital city is having an even tougher time, prompting the city’s mayor to consider a ‘distressed city’ designation.


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Modest Turnaround In Pennsylvania Revenue Collections

Gov. Rendell says revenue collections in September were more than three-percent above projections after coming in about a half-percent above projections in August.


Rendell Boasts of PA Student Achievement Scores

Governor Rendell is crowing about the final round of student achievement tests during his eight years in office.


Rendell Holds Gathering in Support of Religious Freedom

Amidst the growing religious intolerance in the US, and the planned but cancelled burning of Korans in Florida, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell invited religious leaders to join him in front of Independence Hall Saturday evening.


Rendell Backs Turnpike in Funding Spat With Penndot

  Governor Rendell is siding with the Turnpike Commission in a dispute with Penndot over how much funding the turnpike is required to provide for roads, bridges and mass transit in the state.


Rendell Defends Oil Profit Tax Proposal

Governor Rendell continues to insist that his proposal to tax oil company profits to raise money for roads, bridges and mass transit is a solid idea.


Rendell Upset Over Loss in Education Funding Competition

It lacked the drama surrounding New Jersey’s failure to finish in the money, but Governor Rendell also has some hard feelings about Pennsylvania’s failure to win federal education “Race to the Top” funds.