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(credit: DAMIEN MEYER/Getty Images)

Back-Shaving, Thumb Wrestling, David Hasselhoff And The Delaware Valley Have One Thing In Common

You’ll never believe what back-shaving, thumb wrestling, David Hasselhoff and the Delaware Valley all have in common.



Microsoft Hopes To Dent Google With Ad-Free Searches at Schools

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, is looking at secondary schools as the next front in its web-search war against Google.


(Credit: Aaron Tam/AFP/ Getty Images)

Using Social Media To Vet Applicants

From the state that houses the headquarters for Google, which consequently allows you to search for information about anyone and anything, comes a new law in the governing of your internet information.


Google’s Top Ten Searches For 2011

It’s called the Google Zeitgeist, in German it means “Spirit of the times”.



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