Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. VikingsWe all learned a pretty solid lesson yesterday. "Trap games" are not an Andy Reid thing, they are an NFL thing.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. Lions It seemed like we all changed our opinion of the snowy Eagles game at the very same time.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. CardinalsYou know things are going well for the Eagles when I sat back for a moment after the win over the Cardinals and thought to myself, "you know, I think the Eagles are going to run the table." Overconfident? Maybe. But what fun are sports if you can't be ridiculous?
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. WashingtonAll alone in first place at the bye week, riding a three-game winning streak. This is the sort of stuff that dreams are made of. Admittedly, those are the dreams of a modest man, but dreams none the less.
Gold Stars And Demerits: Eagles Vs. GiantsThe one thing that this season was supposed to be, despite wins and losses, was exciting. This is not exciting.
Eagles Vs. Redskins: Gold Stars And DemeritsEagles fans didn't have much of a reaction to Andy Reid.
Eagles Vs. Panthers: Gold Stars And DemeritsIn a bad loss to the 2-8 Carolina Panthers, running back Bryce Brown was able to shine.
Eagles Vs. Lions: Gold Stars And Demerits, Demerits, Demerits The Eagles loss was a failure on almost all levels.

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