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Elevation Burger

Review: Elevation Burger

The pitch here is that everything is organic and eco-friendly and super healthy. Hey, if I wanted something healthy I wouldn’t be eating 40 burgers in 40 days. They grind their meat on premises, which is nice. They boast 100-percent grass-fed beef, which is a plus.


Smokin Betty's

Review: Smokin’ Betty’s

This is a well-respected BBQ joint with a loyal following. So we expected them to know Rule No. 1 of producing a top-notch burger: Don’t over-handle the meat.



Review: Drake Tavern

The last time we were here was May 2010, watching the Flyers lose Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semis to the Bruins and figuring that series was over. We were wrong then – and we were wrong to wait so long to get back to The Drake.


Review: Butcher And Singer

Butcher and Singer serves a juicy burger – good, clear meat juices in every bite.



Review: Wayback Burgers

What you get is a no-nonsense , enjoyable hamburger. I’ll put it in sports terms: If Jason Kelce was a hamburger , this is what he’d be.


Prime Stache

Review: Prime Stache

I’ve enjoyed my share of meals and drinks at this friendly joint near WIP’s Old City studios over the years



Review: Slainte Irish Pub

If you collect every burger ever made throughout history and arrange them from best to worst, this baby will land exactly in the middle. Not special, not bad. Not memorable. Of course, an average burger is better than most things you can eat.


Billy Burger

Review: Billy Burger

What a pleasant find this was – and thanks to the loyalists who kept telling me to check it out. I really do pay attention to the tweets and Facebook mentions telling me to go. You know what I mean.



Review: Copabanana

It’s a gimmicky place by my standards, looking like an explosion in Jimmy Buffet’s basement. And there’s gimmicky nonsense on the menu – French fries splashed with jalapeno or gyro burgers. But the margaritas are excellent and the burgers are well above average.


Review: City Tap House

By Glen Macnow Score: 5.6 Price: $13 for the Tap Burger, plus $3 for bacon. Location: 39th and Walnut  It all sounds impressive on the menu:  Creekstone Farms ground beef, Lancaster rustic cheddar, agrodolce onions, […]


Spot Burger

Review: Spot Burger

Who would have thought a tiny two-man food truck would become a contender in this contest? But Spot Burger deserves its cult following. There’s a waitress to take your order, a guy yielding the spatula and a long line of devotees. Think Soup Nazi, except with a cheery demeanor.



Review: P.Y.T.

Lots of gimmicks here if you’re looking. They’ve got a “TV Dinner” burger made out of Salisbury steak and crammed (along with peas and carrots) between two deep-fried mashed-potato buns. They’ve got a double-cheeseburger burger where the entire bun is made from inter-weaved bacon. Of such are my dreams.



Review: Zac’s Hamburgers

I’m really reluctant to rip a business that’s in my own backyard. But Havertown deserves a better burger than this one. It’s all like the old Woody Allen joke – “Boy the food in this place is really terrible. Yeah, and such small portions.”


Sketch Burger 2

Review: Sketch Burger

We so wanted to like this hipsterish place, with the friendly counter girls and the shtick of putting paper and crayons on the table so that customers will draw pictures they then hang on the walls.


500 Degrees

Review: 500 Degrees

The friendly night manager boasted: “It’s the same burger as Rouge. There you’ll pay $17, here it’s just $11.”