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BLOG: Convert Gift Cards Into Frequent Flyer Miles

By Jim Donovan: United Airlines has launched what it’s calling the Mileage Plus Gift Card Exchange. MileagePlus frequent flier members will now be able to convert the remaining value of unused or partially used retail […]


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3-On Your Side: Getting The Most Out Of Unwanted Gift Cards

So did you receive any gift cards this holiday that you really didn’t want? Or maybe you have a handful of gift cards with small balances remaining and you don’t know what to do with them?


(The web site offers a hundred different gift cards that can be delivered via e-mail.   Credit: Ed Fischer)

Out of Time For Holiday Shopping? ‘E’-Gift Cards May Save Your Bacon

The time for Christmas shopping is quickly drawing to a close. But there are many people who still have gifts to buy.


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3-On Your Side: Gift Card Terms And Conditions

They’ve been at the top of gift lists for years, but will gift cards be on your shopping list this holiday season?



BLOG: Use Your Blockbuster Gift Cards NOW

By Jim Donovan: If you have any Blockbuster gift cards lying around, you better use them up fast. The chain will no longer accept the cards as of Wednesday, April 6, 2011. The video giant […]



Police: New Jersey Man Uses Counterfeit Money To Purchase Gift Cards For Valentine’s Day

Medford Township Police hope someone recognizes the man caught on surveillance video at the CVS store on Route 70 at Hartford Road Saturday night around 9:30.



NJ Official Wants Gift Card Law Permanently Repealed

A federal judge has temporarily blocked New Jersey’s attempts to seize millions of dollars in unspent gift cards and calling cards. Now, an assemblyman who is chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee is hoping the law will be repealed.


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New Rules For Gift Cards

The holiday shopping season is underway, and again this year, gift cards promise to be a popular gift-giving item, but they will be more consumer friendly this year.