Gettysburg Battlefield

(Cemetery Ridge, at Gettysburg.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Gettysburg, Pa.

Gettysburg is a magnet for Civil War buffs the year round. But this week it’s an ideal fall getaway.


john wilkes booth bobblehead DL

Gettysburg Museum Rethinks, Pulls Booth Bobblehead Off Its Shelves

For about a week, visitors to the Gettysburg battlefield could pick up a unique souvenir: a bobblehead doll of Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth.


(Credit: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images)

148th Anniversary Of The Battle Of Gettysburg Marked At Battlefield

This is Gettysburg Weekend, which marks the 148th anniversary of the epic Civil War battle often called the high water mark of the Confederacy. Even today, there are things to learn about it.


(Opponents of a casino in Gettysburg, Pa. cheer as the state's gaming control board awards the license elsewhere.  Photo by Tony Romeo)

Gettysburg Group Loses Bid For Casino License Near Historic Battlefield

A group seeking to place a casino near the historic battlefield was among the losing applicants today as the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board awarded the state’s last currently available casino license to a resort near Pittsburgh.