Getaway Guide

(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide To Hurricane Hangups

Vacation plans are often set months or at least weeks in advance. Hurricane warnings can be a matter of days. And they frequently change course.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide To Hooking Dinner

What luck! My first ever fishing trip and the line is snagged, won’t budge, probably I think – hooked on a coral reef off Bermuda. My shipmates are talking about cutting the line. Then it […]


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Inner Harbor Cruisin’

There is an oasis of waterborne fun and adventure right in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Come by boat or direct from I-95 to the calm waters of the storied Inner Harbor and spend a […]


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: St. Andrews

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to be fascinated by the Middle Ages splendor of St. Andrews on the rugged North Sea coast of Scotland.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Escape The Crowds During The Papal Visit

For those who would prefer to avoid the crowds in the city and overflow into suburban locations, there are a few getaway destinations close enough for a weekend but far enough away to avoid spillover crowds.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Basin Harbor, VT

Paddle a kayak out of a snug cove onto the waters of Lake Champlain and find an eye-filling panorama.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Saratoga Springs

A recent getaway to northern Vermont landed Mary and I in Saratoga Springs, right off the New York Throughway for an overnighter. What’s there? Plenty!


(credit: Richard Maloney)

Getaway Guide: Fantasy Beaches

Beaches are many things to many people. Here are a few favorites, whether you’re staying in the area or going away this summer.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Nearby Zipline Courses

Where can you experience this airborne rush? Follow me.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: 2015 Chesapeake Boat Charters

Here’s a pair of first rate charter companies that will get you started on a nautical adventure without the expense of actually buying the boat.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Top Restaurants To Go Sockless In Suburbia

There is a tradition among sailors that probably originated in nautical Annapolis. When warm breezes begin to blow, it’s time to burn the socks! Many of us simply tuck away all but the rattiest pair, […]


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Favorite Zoos, Near And Far

We all have tales of bears or snakes, cougars and deer. But those are one at a time, and that’s why I like zoos. You get a world of fascinating animals in one place, and you don’t even have to run away!


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Follow The Phillies

Popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jacks plus a road trip turns a day at the ball park into a destination getaway. Baseball season is on the horizon, and nearby major league cities are beckoning.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Favorite Pubs, Both Near And Far

Here’s a random look at “pubs” — Irish and others — that have become my favorites near and far, more for the food and drink than for the St. Patrick’s Day party.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: A Weekend In New Hope

For instance, the waning days of winter are some of the best to visit local getaway spots, whether for a day-trip or destination weekend.