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Wind, Cold & Snow This Weekend

Get ready for the wind. Get ready for the cold. Then, get ready for some more snow.


(credit: CBS 3)

Weather: Light Snow Expected For Delaware Valley Thursday Into Friday

Light snow is expected for the area on Thursday leading into Friday.




What started off looking like light snow last week has become a whopper of a storm, and we will be playing a quick game of snow catch-up starting late Monday into Tuesday.


(credit: CBS3)

1-2 Punch Of Messy Weather To End This Week And Begin The Next!

We are now under 24 hours away from our next big storm, and the big picture is becoming clear on what we can expect.


(credit: CBS 3)

One Storm Down, Another To Go!

Timing will also play a factor in what we see, as will several other factors.


Snow Scenarios

Weather: Tracking A Clipper That Will Bring Snow To The Region

After a beautiful Delaware Valley sunrise, clouds have begun to overspread the region. Any remaining sunshine will be limited for the remainder of the day. On the plus side, temperatures will top out a bit above average, and won’t be accompanied by the same sharp breeze we had Monday.


(credit: CBS3)

Weather: Potential For A Flurry Or Two Near Philadelphia

Parts of Delaware and southern New Jersey are experiencing some snow and some mixed precipitation this morning. Fortunately, this is a mainly isolated storm that will soon begin moving out to sea.


Morning Commute Wide

WEATHER: A Wet, Cold Gloomy Monday

A chilly rain has overspread much of the Delaware Valley, with some pockets of freezing rain still prevalent.


Temp Comparison List

WEATHER: Light Snow, Then More Wind

Another cold day for the Delaware Valley. But hey, it could always be worse, right???


Polar Outbreak Stat

Arctic Plunge Continues

Wind chills this morning are below zero, with temperatures not much better.


Wind Chill Region List

Weather: Philadelphia To Get Bitter Blast!

Break out the extra heavy coats, throw an extra log on the fire, just turn up the heat any way you can! You’re going to need it.


Watches and Warnings Winter Storm Local

Weather: Snow, Then Wind And Bitter Cold

At this time last year, Philadelphia had already received 20.2″ of snow. So far in 2015, only 0.1″ have fallen.


Temp Trend Bars - Cold

Winter Awakening

After a warm, well above average end to the weekend, temperatures will begin to reflect the season – and then some!


Weekend Planner

Weather: First Precipitation Of 2015 Coming This Weekend

A quiet day end to the work week, but this weekend we will see our first precipitation of 2015.


(credit: CBS3)

As Clouds Give Way To Sun, Expect A Dry & Cold Start To The New Year

Clouds are slowly but surely giving way to some sunshine across the Delaware Valley, from northwest to southeast. Don’t worry Jersey Shore and Delaware, it’s coming!




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