Gas Tax

Gas prices in South Jersey dip under $2 a gallon.(credit: Jim Melwert)

Poll: Would You Pay More At The Pump For Better Roads?

This is the first time ever that the majority of New Jersey voters polled support a hike.


(credit: CBS 3)

New Jersey Wrestles With How To Aid Transportation Trust Fund

Pennsylvania this week increased its gas tax by almost 10 cents a gallon to help its ailing Transportation Trust Fund.


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Pa. Drivers Speak Out About High Gas Tax

Gas prices may be at an all time low, but a gas tax in Pennsylvania could set back drivers 10 cents a gallon.


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Poll: 56% Of New Jersey Residents Oppose Gas Tax Hike

Lawmakers have discussed raising the tax to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund, which is running out of money.


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New Jersey Drivers Are Skeptical Of Raising Gas Tax

Raising taxes to pay for road, bridge, and rail projects is the only way to solve a thorny transportation issue, some lawmakers say, and educating voters on why that’s necessary is a key part to finding a solution.


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Potential Gas Tax Increase Could Change Driving Habits In Philadelphia Area

Federal lawmakers are considering raising the gas tax in order to fund road construction projects across the country. This could be the first increase since 1993.


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AAA Throws Support Behind Higher Federal Gas Tax

AAA says a survey of adults shows a majority of people do favor a higher gas tax as long as it goes for highway improvement.


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Gas Tax Guessing Game

Governor Corbett has proposed a significant increase in wholesale gas taxes to raise new money for transportation. But, how much of that increase would show up at the pump is hard to say.