Eagles GM Howie Roseman recaps his first draft with Ant & Glen

Roseman joins the Cuz & Prof to recap his frist draft as the team’s GM. Click to listen more…


Ryan Howard inks a 5 year deal with the Phillies

According to Jim Salisbury of Phils slugger Ryan Howard was inked an extension with the Phillies. Ryan Howard has signed a 5 year extension worth 125 million dollars which will kick in at the […]


Coach Peter Laviolette talks about 1st round victory

Coach Laviolette joins Cuz & Prof post Game 5 victory. Click to listen more…


Cuz & Prof Play Who's That Guy

Ant & Glen play the weekly segment “Who’s That Guy” Play along and see if you can beat Anthony to the punch Click more to listen


Danny Briere joins Cuz & Prof post game 4

With Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne missing Game 5, the flyers will be looking for scoring from such players as Danny Briere. Click more to listen


NFL Networks Mike Lombardi previews draft with Cuz & Prof

Mike joins the guys from LA to discuss possible Eagles draft scenarios and targeted players.  Reviews first round picks and Eagles needs.  According to Mike Eric Berry is worth a top 5 pick….can the Eagles […]