'Dead' Flowers May Extend The Life Of Your GardenMaybe you don’t want to dead-head or clean up everything in your garden after all. And, conveniently, certain plants are better left alone.
Tips for Preparing Your Vegetable Garden This SummerAre you considering growing your own vegetables to save money and eat healthier? Growing a garden takes some advanced planning, as well as a great deal of time, patience and effort. Utilize these 10 helpful tips to prepare your garden and make it flourish.
A Gardener's GiftGardeners are good at sharing. They share flowers, plants and clippings - and some things simply rooted in kindness.
Big Pots Don't Have To Be HeavyIf you're not planting a tree or shrub in your pot, but just annuals like lots of us do, then you don't need soil that's two or three feet deep! Here's a trick.
Let Full Sun Shine On Plants That Need ItWhen you see it says on a plant label that something needs 'full sun,' what does that mean?
Local Curator Offers Tips For Early Spring Gardening The official start of spring comes next week - but one look around your neighborhood and chances are someone is already working in the garden. But there are some DOs and DON'Ts for this early spring.
Caring For Plants While You're AwayHere are some tips to help your plants survive while you are away.
Gardening Lessons Of A SortEven if you never grow anything from seeds, you can learn a lot about plants by helping out at the Hardy Plant Society Seed Exchange Workshops.

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