Grow Your Gardening Skills At The Barnes ArboretumThe Barnes Arboretum is where I went to gardening school to learn much more about plants than I could on my own. Courses may be a day - or a year.
Take A Gardening Class At The BarnesIf you made a New Year's resolution or are just looking for something to do, why not take a class or two to learn more about gardening?
Grow Your Gardening Knowledge In The Off SeasonLearn how to grow more with less - less work, less water and less money.
Gardening Classes At The BarnesGardening and horticulture classes start next week at the Barnes Arboretum - still firmly planted on Latches Lane in Merion.
Volunteers Wanted For Gardening At Ambler ArboretumOn Tuesdays from 9:00 to Noon, gardeners at every level of experience - including none - are welcome to come learn about Ambler Arboretum's collection, as you join with other volunteers to help take care of the plants.
Grow By Taking Gardening ClassesThe Philadelphia area has lots of great places to learn about gardening including Longwood Gardens, the Barnes Foundation and a degree program at Temple Ambler.

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