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Trump's '8th Wonder Of The World' Sold For Fraction Of Cost Donald Trump wrote "The Art Of The Deal," but it was Florida's Seminole Indians who made a truly amazing deal to buy the opulent casino built by the man who is now president.
Nintendo Switch Will Cost $299.99 When It Goes On Sale On March 3Nintendo's latest gaming console is only weeks away.
Gambling Meets Gaming As First-In-U.S. Skill-Based Video Game Gambling Opens In Atlantic CityIt's tough to earn a living playing video games, but it just got easier to make some money -- if you're good enough to beat the house.
Crimson Steam Pirates AppYou'll control fleets (and more!) for epic sea battles in what is actually one of the best naval games in the app store.
AR Invaders AppSpace Invaders gets a 21st Century update in AR Invaders.
Disney Tsum Tsum AppDisney Tsum Tsum may sound and look likes a kid's game, but it's not.
Ingress AppIngress is a niche game, but it's one of the few games that insists you get off the couch and go outside to play.
Atari Fit AppAtari Fit blends the company's old school games with a fitness regiment, offering tokens as you meet daily exercise goals.
Jurassic World: The GameThe dinosaur battles, as they're shown in this app, really aren't all that fun.
Heroes Charge AppHeroes Charge is a perfectly innocuous game. It's not offensive and is fun in small doses, but it's not a game that's likely to consume players.
Terraria AppTerraria is an app - based on a PC game - that not only lets users create whatever their imagination can dream up, but it makes use of those creations.
My Om NomTamagotchi have hit the app store - with the familiar look of the hero of the Cut the Rope games.

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