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Locals line up to purchase lottery tickets in Philadelphia. (file photo)

Big Lottery Jackpots Can Cause Gambling Addicts To Relapse

There’s another big Powerball drawing Wednesday, and addiction experts predict some problem gamblers who are trying to kick the habit will fall off the wagon because of all the attention large jackpots get.



High Risk Gambling On The Super Bowl

Many people will make friendly wagers as part of the Super Bowl festivities. But there is a group – a very large group – who will be betting large amounts they can’t afford to lose.



Gambling On The Super Bowl

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There is no doubt that there is a tremendous degree of excitement surrounding the Patriots-Giants game and why not. It is the Super Bowl and there […]


Super Bowl Not So Super For Gamblers

From a health standpoint I often worry about the danger of gambling addicts trying to get the big score and win back a year’s losses all at once. The Super Bowl can be the ultimate temptation.