Poll: Managers Are Feeling Disengaged At Work, Too If you feel like your boss has checked out, you might be right.
Zeoli Show Log 2.4.15Rich covered the video of the Jordanian pilot killed by ISIS, a New Jersey town's proposal to ban sledding, and Budweiser's attack of craft beer. He also talked to restauranteur Brian Oliveira, and attorney Tom Malone.
Poll: Percentage Of Americans Who Believe Having A Gun At Home Makes It Safer Has DoubledApparently, between 2000 and 2006 less than half of Americans said having a gun made them feel safer, but since 2006, the percentage in favor of having a firearm in the house has been slowly increasing.
Survey: Kids Bring Great Happiness -- And Lots Of StressWhile adults with children under 18 were more likely to say they smiled or laughed on any given day, they were also more likely to say they have a lot of stress at home.
Poll: Americans Want More Women In Political OfficeThe government would do a better job if there were more female leaders in place, most Americans say.
Survey: Majority Of Americans Feel Religion Is The Answer To All Of Today's ProblemsGallup says that percentage is actually down – way down – since the 1950s, when 82% said religion was the solution to the problems of the era.
Poll: Best Thing About Potential Hillary Clinton Presidency Is That She's A WomanIf Hillary Clinton were to win the White House in 2016, the best thing about it wouldn’t be her intelligence, experience or even her proximity to Bill.
Health & Fitness Survey Drops Some Heavy News On Delawareans Less than a week after Delaware was ranked one of the fattest states, a new Gallup poll is offering insight into why.
Report: Pennsylvanians Still Tipping The ScalesIn the latest Gallup poll on obesity, Pennsylvania ranked the 18th fattest state. Just over 28% of the state’s population is classified as obese.
Report: Pa. Ranks Low When It Comes To Residents' Well-being Want to feel healthy and happy? Move to North Dakota. Or South Dakota.
Poll: Number Of Americans Identifying As 'Independents' Hits Record HighA record number of Americans are identifying politically as “Independents”…and a record <em>low</em> number say they’re Republicans.
Poll: 40% Of Americans Report Getting Less Than 7 Hours Of Sleep Per NightIf getting more sleep is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2014, you’re not alone.

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