Gabrielle Drexler

(Gabrielle Drexler, following her sentencing in Montgomery County Court.  Credit: Brad Segall)

Woman Sentenced for Fabricating Crimes By Lower Merion Cop After Affair

Prosecutors say Gabrielle Drexler was having an affair with the cop but when she found out he was married with children, she turned on him.


(Gabrielle Drexler. File photo from Lower Merion PD)

Guilty Plea From Woman Who Falsely Accused Lower Merion Cop of Stalking Her

Gabrielle Drexler, 28, has pleaded guilty to lying to a grand jury about her relationship with the Lower Merion police officer.


(Gabrielle Drexler. File photo from Lower Merion PD)

Trial Ordered for Montco Woman Accused of Falsely Accusing Lower Merion Cops

The charges against Gabrielle Drexler include perjury, tampering with evidence, and making false reports to police.


(Gabrielle Drexler. File photo from Lower Merion PD)

Lower Merion Township Woman Arrested After False Allegations Against Police

Back in May, we protected the identity of 26-year-old Gabrielle Drexler of Bryn Mawr. Now, authorities are exposing her identity and her story.