Freezing Temperatures

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Commuters Cope With Bitter Cold As Freezing Temps Grip The Region

Wednesday morning’s record-low temperatures are well below freezing, and the gusty winds are making it feel like it’s in the single digits in some areas.


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WEATHER BLOG: Winter Hangs On

The last weekend of winter brought a glimpse of spring for the first day and a definite return to the cold season by Sunday.


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WEATHER BLOG: Acceptable Weather, Barely, For Now

Mostly dry today. And while the weather starts quietly on Monday, it ends up getting messy by late Monday night and early Tuesday.


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WEATHER BLOG: Canada Pays A Visit

A little Alberta clipper has a Sunday afternoon trip planned for the Delaware Valley. It is packing light, with a relatively measly 1–3″ of snow expected.


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More Snow Expected; But Nothing We Can’t Handle

Of all the weather ‘events’ this troublesome winter, the ones this weekend will be the tamest. A few little disturbances in the atmosphere can brush by the area bringing a nuisance amount of snow.


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How To Prevent Property Damage From Freezing Temperatures

This bitter blast of cold weather is also wreaking havoc on roads, homes and pipes. CBS 3’s Todd Quinones tell us what we need to do to protect our property from damage.



Weather Blog: Winter Weary and Getting Wearier

Will it ever stop? Many people wonder that, after a brutally cold and difficult January. Another round of snow will eyeball the Philadelphia area and decide to go for it.


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Atlantic City Sets Weather Record For Cold Temps

Sub-zero temperatures have led to a new weather record in Atlantic City, just two weeks after residents there enjoyed record-setting temperatures in the high 60s during a brief December heat wave.


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Weather Blog: The Lull Before The Winter Wet

Saturday serves as a quiet transition day between Friday’s mild rain and Sunday’s cold wet. Computer models agree that wet weather moves in on Sunday, preceded by cloud cover early in the day.


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Bitter Cold Temperatures Keep Philadelphia’s “Code Blue” In Effect

The bitter cold temperatures gripping the region will keep Philadelphia’s “Code Blue” in effect for the next few days.


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City Of Philadelphia Issues A Code Blue

The City of Philadelphia has declared a “Code Blue” ahead of what could be the coldest week of the year in the Delaware Valley.