Four Loko

The manufacturers of a popular caffeinated alcohol drink announced on Nov. 16, 2010, that they will remove the caffeine from its controversial products -- just before the FDA reveals its intention to ban the Four Loko beverage. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Suit: Four Loko Caused NJ Man Lasting Heart Damage

A New Jersey man who says he suffered permanent heart damage after drinking the alcohol- and caffeine-laced Four Loko beverage is suing its manufacturer.


Four Loko

‘Four Loko’ Blamed For Hallucinogenic Frenzy

Four Loko carries 12 percent alcohol content warnings, but for one Bucks County family, no amount of warning could have prepared them for what they say happened to their loved one.


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Pa. Liquor Control Board Asks For Voluntary Ban On ‘Alcohol Energy Drinks’

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is asking retailers and wholesalers to at least temporarily stop selling so-called, “alcohol energy drinks,” which have sickened people around the country, including several dozen in Lancaster County recently.


Four Loko

Popular Alcoholic Beverage Warning For Local Students

Some are calling it “liquid cocaine.” Others say it’s “black out in a can.” Four Loko is often guzzled to get a quick buzz, and it’s become a popular drink, especially on college campuses.