US Fertility Rate Falls To Lowest On RecordThe US fertility rate fell to the lowest point since record keeping started more than a century ago.
Don't Let Underactive Thyroid Go UntreatedHypothyroidism – or an underactive thyroid gland - is a relatively common problem. First, get checked for it. Then, if you have it, get treated.
Infertility May Point To EndometriosisFertility issues remain a major problem in women with endometriosis and this may be how it is diagnosed - as part of an infertility workup.
Study: Sunscreen Can Affect Male FertilitySunscreen. It’s just another thing to add to the list of products that could be affecting human fertility.
Company Marketing Radiation-shielding Underwear For MenMen, feel like your package needs some extra, um, packaging? A new type of boxer brief might be just what you’re looking for.
Study: Stress May Have An Impact On InfertilityWanna-be moms now have science on their side when it comes to their need to de-stress.
The Risk Of Ovarian CancerThere are certain things that put a woman at greater risk of ovarian cancer including a family history and not having children.
Stress May Lead To InfertilityWe know that stress is bad for us - there is no doubt about that but, according to a report from the journal <em>Human Reproduction</em>, stress may lead to infertility.
Study: Common Chemical Tied To Miscarriage Risk New research suggests that high levels of BPA, a chemical in many plastics and canned food linings, might raise the risk of miscarriage in women prone to that problem or having trouble getting pregnant.
3 On Your Side: Crowdfunding For Adoption & Fertility TreatmentsAs 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan finds, hopeful parents are turning to the internet to fund adoptions and fertility treatments.
Crozer Keystone Health SystemLearn more about how Crozer Keystone Health System helps with fertility problems.
Local Fertility Clinic Offers Free Second OpinionA fertility clinic in Chester County is offering free second opinions until November 16th.

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