Introducing Cats Takes Time - And DistanceWhen introducing cats to each other, it’s always best to separate them initially for a period of time.
Caring For Your Senior CatAs cats age, particularly from the ages of 8-10 and older, extra care is needed to keep them healthy and happy.
Cat Facts Extreme AppIf there's one thing the Internet loves, it's cats - so it was probably only a matter of time before that surge made it to the app world.
Dogs And Cats Have Two Sets Of TeethLike humans, all dogs and cats will have two sets of teeth in their lifetimes.
Conflicting Body Language Between Dogs And CatsBody language is an instinctive and extremely important source of communication for all animals - but sometimes it can be a source of miscommunication as well.
Changing Cat's Sleep Cycle
Moving An Outdoor Cat IndoorsIf your cat has spent a lot of time outdoors, is it possible to transition him/her to an indoor life?
Problem Fur BallsWhen a mass of fur has increased in your cat to where it creates a partial or complete obstruction, problems can occur.
Man Builds Elaborate Palace For His CatsTrue cat lovers know that their felines really run the house, not the humans.
Unwelcomed Gifts From The CatIf you live with a cat who is, at times, out of doors, you may have experienced your feline friend bringing home a dead mouse, bird, or some other 'gift'. Now what?
Sick Pet May Engage In Head PressingIf you’ve ever witnessed your dog or cat exhibiting a very odd and unusual posture such as staring off or appearing stuck in a corner while pressing the head up against a wall or door. It’s called Head Pressing.
Dog And Cat AllergiesSpringtime can mean allergy season for many pets. They can be allergic to anything from food, pollen, dust, mold, exposure to chemicals or fleas.

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