Feline Health

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Diagnosing And Managing Chronic Renal Failure

Feline chronic renal failure or CRF is very common in older cats of all breeds and may unfortunately be the most common cause of death in senior cats.


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Pets And Heart Disease

Just like people, our pets, both dogs and cats, can be susceptible to many forms of heart disease. In many cases, early detection and treatment of heart disease can make all the difference.


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Detecting Illness In Your Cat

There are several ways to detect if your cat is ill, in pain or in poor health and in need of a trip to the vet.


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Caring For Your Senior Cat

As cats age, particularly from the ages of eight to ten and older, extra care is needed to keep them healthy and happy.


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Your Cat’s Healthy Coat

If your cat’s fur is dull, dirty, dingy, matted, dry or oily, he or she may be ill and in need of extra attention.