Expert: Uber Tracking Policy 'Represents An Incremental Erosion Of The Privacy That Users Have'Many popular apps request to access people’s locations, including Uber, which has raised the ire of consumer and privacy experts.
Ways To Spot A Credit Repair ScamAccording to the Federal Trade Commission there are a few easy ways to spot a credit repair scam.
Warranty Act Protects Car OwnersIt's illegal for a dealer to say your warranty coverage is void because you had routine maintenance performed elsewhere.
Funeral Shopping Regulated By FTCThe Funeral Rule, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission allows you to compare prices among funeral homes.
A New Form Of False AdvertisingHave you ever been told that if you post a good review on line you’ll get a discount on your next purchase? Yeah, about that.
FTC: Makers Of Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags Misleading ConsumersMakers of biodegradable dog waste bags are in some deep doo doo with the FTC.
Most Common Form Of Identity TheftWhat’s the most common type of identity theft? Probably not what you think.
Two Propane Gas Companies Conspire Against Walmart - And LoseWhat do Blue Rhino and AmeriGas have in common? An FTC complaint about the gas they pass.
Defining Deceptive AdvertisingWhen it comes to advertising, how honest does a manufacturer have to be?
AT&T Crammed Customers, Agrees To $105 Million SettlementAs part of a $105 million settlement with federal and state law enforcement officials, AT&T Mobility LLC will pay $80 million to the Federal Trade Commission.
Outlet Stores: Shop At Your Own RiskThe problem for consumers is that the Federal Trade Commission has no standardized definition for “factory outlet” or “outlet store”.
The Rise Of Identity Theft: Reports From The Federal Trade CommissionThe Federal Trade Commission reports that the occurrence rate for identity theft incidents is high, and it doesn't look like that trend will change anytime soon.

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