Study: Long-Term Stress Might Make You FatCould constant stress be making you fat?
ZEOLI SHOW LOG 09.14.16Rich discussed Donald Trump's child care plan, Colin Powell's email hack and dietary goals concerning fat and sugar. Rich spoke with Ivanka Trump at 5pm regarding Donald Trump's childcare plan at 5 pm.
Study: Belly Fat May Be More Dangerous For The Heart Than ObesityWhere you carry belly fat could put you at a greater risk of heart disease and death, researchers say.
Study: Cutting Fat Can Lead To Greater Weight Loss Than Cutting CarbsA new study suggests cutting fat may be better than cutting carbs.
Study: More Than Two-Thirds Of Americans Are Overweight Or ObeseWhile more men than women are considered overweight, more women are obese.
Multiple Factors Contributing To ObesityThere has been a great deal of talk recently about obesity and all of the contributing factors that we may or may not be aware of.
Penn Study Claims Obese People Viewed As Less Competent At WorkIt’s no secret that being obese has dire consequences for your health, but it could also be affecting your job prospects.
Increased Waistline Means Increased RiskSome experts are suggesting that increased waist circumference should be added to heart risk assessment tools, like cigarette smoking and high cholesterol.
Study: Some States Are Fatter Than We ThoughtAccording to CBS News, new research looked at doctors’ measurements of height and weight rather than asking people to self-report, which had been done in the past.
Thick Waist May Double Risk Of Premature DeathWhere you carry your weight could be as important, if not more important, than how much you weigh.
Obese Children - And Their Parents - Underestimate Their WeightWe recently learned that most overweight kids think they are at a normal weight - and their parents underestimate their children's weight as well.
Common Drugs Cause Weight GainThe most common medications that contribute to weight gain are two commonly prescribed drug classes - corticosteroids and antidepressants.

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