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Every Reason To Go To PA Farm Show

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is fun for all ages and a fabulous demonstration of all the great stuff that grows here.


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See All We Grow At Pennsylvania Farm Show

Whether you love to garden or you’ll never grow a thing in your life, you should go to the Pennsylvania Farm Show.


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New Jersey Farmers Do Best To Cope With Heavy Rain

We may be in the grips of another heat wave around here, but recent heavy rains in the region have proven to be troublesome to several South Jersey farmers.


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Hoping For An Early Spring Might Be Fruitless

An early spring means some plants flower earlier than they’re supposed to – and then get wiped out by a following frost. This can cause a widespread shortage of some of our favorite fruits. Some things are worth the wait.


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Area Farmers Adjusting As Delaware Valley Weather Throws A Curve

These warm, sunny days in March can be good and bad news for area farmers.


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Food Costs Climbing Rapidly

The cost of food is way up this year and if the trend continues we could see the biggest annual increase in three decades.



Seed Company Owner Turns To Social Media To Grow Business

Located in York County and pre-dating the Constitution, the Landreth Seed Company is danger of going out of business.


(A turf farm in South Jersey.  Photo provided by State of NJ)

Heat Wave Putting South Jersey Farmers In A Hot Spot

The heat and lack of rain are both playing a role in the struggles of this region’s farmers.


With Hot, Dry Weather, Area Farmers Work to Compensate

by KYW’s Lynne Adkins Area farmers are scrambling to keep their crops from burning up during this hot, dry summer.