(credit: Mike DeNardo)

Camden May Soon Have Taxicab Regulations

Cab drivers in the city of Camden may soon be put under regulations required by the state of New Jersey.



SEPTA Announces New Fare Structure

The cash fare for trips on city buses, subways and trolleys will go from $2 to $2.25 on July 1st of this year, then to $2.50 next year.


(Credit: PATCO)

Patco Riders Can Use ‘Contactless’ Credit Cards To Pay Fares

Patco riders will be able to pay their fare with a tap of a credit card, beginning Monday.


SEPTA's budget problems have put upgrade and repair projects on hold.

SEPTA Budget Leaves Little Money For Repairs

SEPTA riders are not being asked to dole out for higher fares in the coming year, but the transit agency is warning that it is quickly running out of cash for station and equipment repairs and upgrades.


SEPTA Fare Hikes Go Into Effect

by KYW’s Al Novack SEPTA commuters will be adjusting their weekly transit budgets beginning on today and digging deeper into their wallets, as recently passed fare hikes and price adjustments go into effect across the […]