Fancy Brigade

Fralinger String Band struts up Broad Street. (credit Pat Loeb)

114th Annual Mummers Parade Struts Up Broad Street

Thousands lined Broad Street to watch the parade which included some spectacular acts, with sets, elaborate costumes and choreography.


Fancy Brigades perform inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center. (Credit: file photo)

First New Fancy Brigade In 12 Years Joins Mummers Parade

The Fancy Brigades are the folks who strut indoors, at the Convention Center, with building-size floats and recorded music timed to compliment their choreography.


Golden Crown practices with their props on the Convention Center floor. (Credit: Mike Dougherty)

The Mummers Give A Sneak Peek To Their New Year’s Day Performances

The Mummers are taking the next couple of days to perfect their performances before Tuesday’s extravaganza and the public is invited to watch.


Shooting Stars captain Michael Adams and his team have put countless hours into preparing for their comic book themed performance this year. (credit: Mike Dougherty)

Fancy Brigades Adding Finishing Touches To Props For Mummers Parade

The Fancy Brigades are putting the finishing touches on their props and routines before Tuesday’s Mummers festivities.



Just Three Days Before The Mummers Strut Their Stuff

The final preparations are underway at the Pennsylvania Convention Center for Saturday’s Mummers shows.