False Advertising


Legal Obligation To Correct Misleading Ads

“Here is the truth: Smoking kills, on average, 1200 Americans. Everyday.” Pretty blunt, eh? And not something you’d imagine a tobacco company saying. Except now, it’s going to be forced to put that exact statement on packages of cigarettes.


False Advertising Against Your Business

If your company has been harmed by what you believe to be a false claim what are your legal rights?


Truth In Advertising

What does the law say about how honest advertisers have to be?


Are Misleading Advertisers Held Legally Accountable?

In the US, if the retailer advertises a price and then tries to renege on that price, the retailer may be held to the price, but there are exceptions.



Overhyped Advertising Claims

If you wanted to be just like Kim Kardashian (and who wouldn’t) and you went out and bought a pair of Skecher’s Shape-up sneakers, you can get money back.


Item Not As Described.com

At ItemNotAsDescribed.com you will find ads some creative writers have left on sites like Craigslist for items in far worse shape than described.