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Why Every College Student Should File A FAFSA

The federal government provides billions in grants, loans and work-study opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students each year.


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Divorce Complicates Financial Aid Application

In a divorced family, whose income is used to calculate whether a student gets financial aid?


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Camden, NJ Rally Urges High School Students To Apply For College Aid

This high-energy event was a warmup to the all-important step of filling out those free applications for federal student aid known as “FAFSA” — a financial lifeline to college for these largely impoverished students.


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Apply For Grants Or Free Money For College

Don’t miss out on getting the grants or free money you need to help pay for college. Apply for FAFSA and PHEAA today.


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Help Available For College Students Filling Out Financial Aid Paperwork

College Students needing help filling out the FAFSA form for financial aid can get it for free this month in Camden.


(Lori Shurr, announcing the city's annual effort to help high school kids go to college.  Credit: Kim Glovas)

Philadelphia Renews Help For College-Aspiring High School Students

The city’s third annual launch of the Financing College Campaign was held Thursday at City Hall.


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Money For College

The education department of the Central branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia has hundreds of ‘quirky’ one-of-a-kind listings for financial aid for college.


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Paying For College

If you’re planning to go to college next fall, now is the time to apply for financial aid. The best place to start is at PhillyGoes2College.com.


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Officials Urge Philly College Hopefuls To Apply Early For Financial Aid

Mayor Michael Nutter and other officials gathered at City Hall to get the word out about a new program encouraging city students to apply for college financial aid.