New Facebook App Allows Users To Add To Friends' Shared Video ClipsWith Facebook's latest video-sharing app, called "Riff," users can add their own video onto the original.
New Facebook Feature Lets Users Determine What Happens To Their Account After They DieThe feature is called "legacy contact," and it appears in Facebook's security settings menu.
Suicidal Postings On FacebookIt’s a growing phenomenon that people who used to reach out by telephone to friends or a suicide hotline now post their pain online. What is your legal obligation to respond?
Followers Attack AppHow well do you know the people on your Facebook friends list? Followers Attack is a clever app that will put you to the test.
Be Cautious When Posting Pictures Of Your Kids OnlineNow that posting pictures of children is pretty commonplace on social media, perhaps sharing them with your Facebook friends, local law enforcement officials want you to think twice about what you put out there particularly if your child is nude or semi-clothed.

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