Fabricio Rodriguez

2014 Diners Guide graphic

Guide to Ethical Eating Finds Few First-Rate Restaurants in Philadelphia

A local organization that advocates for the rights of restaurant workers has issued its second annual dining guide, hoping to promote better employment practices in the city’s restaurant industry.


(L-R: Fabricio Rodriguez of the Restaurant Opportunity Center; attorneys Debra Jensen and Henry Yampolsky; servers Jeff Spencer and Claire Trindle.  Photo by Pat Loeb)

Center City Restaurant ‘Fat Salmon’ Agrees To Repay Workers Skimmed Tips

The salmon may have been fat at this center city sushi restaurant, but the servers were being deprived of thousands of dollars in tips.


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Philadelphia Restaurant Workers Getting Burnt, Wage/Benefits Survey Finds

A groundbreaking survey of Philadelphia restaurant workers shows the majority of them make below-poverty wages, even after tips, and get no benefits.


House Collapse

House Collapse Shines Light On Philadelphia’s Problem With Unstable Abandoned Buildings

From the front, 2166 North Franklin Street looks bad enough. But you have to walk around to the back to truly see what Fabricio Rodriguez and Emily Randle – who owns the home next door – have been dealing with: a neighboring house on the verge of collapse.


Phila. Protestors Mark Intersection of Immigration, Baseball

A demonstration on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park was one of several across the country held to protest Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law.