Extreme Weather

Aug. 27: Hurricane Irene, a Category 3 storm cell that lived for nine days, made landfall on the U.S. mainland. The exceptionally large storm cell ripped its way up the East Coast, causing extensive damage from Florida and South Carolina, on up to parts of Canada. (Credit: Monika Graff/Getty Images)

Chris May And Eyewitness Weather Team Host ‘Eye On Extreme Weather’ On Anniversary Of Hurricane Irene

This weekend last summer, local residents were dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Irene’s flooding rains, damaging winds and numerous Tornado warnings.


(File photo by Dimitar Dilkoff/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Expert Warns That Severe Cold Weather Can Easily Harm Elderly

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to extreme cold, and a geriatric expert is offering tips on keeping senior citizens safe.


(Credit: Angela Gershman

Extreme Weather Events Of 2011

The weather events of 2011 will be documented in the United States and Philadelphia as one of the most extreme in history.