BodyWise AppIf your workout routine is a complicated one, integrating several forms of exercise, the BodyWise app can help you keep track.
Finding Time To ExerciseAre you still working late hours and coming up with excuses to not take that next step and get out and exercise? You are not alone.
Stars At The Shore: Jillian MichaelsCelebrity trainer, Jillian Michaels recently taught a boot camp at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City for the inaugural Sweat AC Festival.
Never Too Late To Start To ExercisePerhaps you made your New Year’s resolution to exercise and never kick started into action. It's not too late.
Living With DiabetesOver 500 million people may be affected by diabetes by the year 2030. Even if we are able to encourage people to diet and exercise, it is clear that we will only be able to stem that tide a small bit.
Exercising In Groups Benefits Your BrainIf you are having some trouble getting excited about exercise, invite a friend to join you and get an added benefit.
How To Stay In Shape When You're On The RoadIf you have to travel a lot for work, take time for yourself to really get away.
Stretch To Avoid InjuryDo you take the time to warm up and stretch? It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stretching can be one of the most important activities of your workout experience.

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