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AC Man Facing Eminent Domain Eviction Can Stay In His Home, For Now

A Superior Court Judge says redevelopment officials in Atlantic City cannot seize a man’s house without a reasonable assurance it’ll really be used as planned.


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Legally Evicting A Roommate

How do you kick out a crummy roommate?


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Landlord May Trash Your Stuff

If you’re behind on your rent, can your landlord keep and/or dump your personal property?


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The Legal Responsibility Of Being A Roommate

If the beginning of the school year is the first time you are renting an apartment with a friend, there are legal rights – and responsibilities – you need to know.


Philadelphia police evicted “Occupy Philadelphia” in the early morning hours of November 30, 2011. After being evicted, protesters marched throughout Center City.

Mayor Nutter: Dilworth Plaza Occupation Is Over

“The Occupation of City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza is now over,” Mayor Nutter says. Philadelphia Police successfully evicted Occupy Philadelphia protesters overnight to make way for a long-planned construction project.


Protesters locked arm-in-arm on Dilworth Plaza, before marching through Center City. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Police Evict Occupy Philadelphia; Protesters March Through Center City

More than 60 hours after the deadline for them to get out of Dilworth Plaza, Philadelphia police moved in early Wednesday morning and cleared the Occupy Philadelphia tent city.