(credit: Phran Novelli)

American Holly Tree Offers More Than Shade

If you don’€™t have an American holly tree near you, consider planting one.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

How To Help The Birds Through Winter

By Phran Novelli PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On a quiet winter’s day, some of the busiest and noisiest spots in my neighborhood are the bird feeders in people’s yards. If you join about 65 million other […]


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Semi-Evergreen Is Half True

Which is it? You see a plant tag that says ‘semi-evergreen’ and you may wonder, what exactly does that mean? Is it evergreen or deciduous?


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Most Damaged Trees Will Recover

Despite the damage some sustained this winter, once it gets warmer, trees and shrubs really are able to recover a lot.


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Chanticleer Readies For Winter

As lots of us are putting plants to bed for the winter, so are some area gardens getting ready to sleep until spring. Chanticleer will close in November.


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Making The Most Of Mandevilla

In early May, I stuck a Mandevilla in the middle of a shorn shrub, wound the flowering vines up around the barest branches and said, ‘There, that’s better.’


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You Can Prune Your Yew

What to do about a big yew? Prune it.


Mistletoe Kiss

Don’t Miss The Mistletoe

Mistletoe has been celebrated in the dead of winter since ancient times, along with other evergreens, because they look lively during the darkest days of the year.


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Keeping Windowboxes Fresh Year ‘Round

Nothing adds appeal to your house quite like a windowbox full of something seasonal but if you get too busy to keep up, you’ll end up with empty planters or dead flowerheads greeting guests at your door.


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Turning Azalea Leaves May Turn Heads

While they don’t get much mention in the fall, lots of azalea leaves can turn lovely colors too.