Report: EU Considers Ending Visa-Free Travel For U.S. CitizensThe report last Thursday by Reuters, citing a European Union source, says that it will consider the move Tuesday.
As Greek Hobbles and Eurozone Wobbles, Wharton Professor Sees HopeAs the Greek debt crisis escalates, creating drama in world markets, a Wharton School professor sizes up whether Greece might exit the Eurozone and what it means to us in the United States.
Computer Cookies Don't Have Chocolate ChipsOnline, the term 'cookies' refers to encrypted text files that are used by almost all websites. There are pluses and minuses.
Hold The Cheese: Europe Wants To Ban Certain Cheese Names From Use On U.S.-made ProductsWould Parmesan by any other name be as tasty atop your pasta? A ripening trade battle might put that to the test.
<em>Jay Lloyd's Getaway: </em> European TurmoilMany hot European destinations are now in the throes of an economic belt-tightening. And it can have an effect on visitors.

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