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(The Pennsylvania capitol, in Harrisburg.  File photo)

Senator Pileggi Says A Delayed Date May Be Needed For The Pennsylvania Primary

The majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate says the April 24th primary may have to be delayed because of the chaos that’s resulted from the state Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the new map of state legislative districts.


File photo of Governor Tom Corbett addressing the State Association of Township Supervisors in Hershey. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

Long-Delayed Natural Gas Drilling Bill Could Go To Corbett Next Week

A spokesman for Chester Republican Dominic Pileggi, the Senate majority leader, says negotiations have heated up to get a natural gas drilling bill to the Governor’s desk.


(Credit: Tony Romeo)

Protesters Disrupt State Hearing To Reconfigure Pennsylvania House And Senate Districts

Protesters shouting Occupy Wall Street slogans delayed and disrupted a Friday hearing on a plan to reconfigure state House and Senate districts in Pennsylvania.


(Credit: AP)

Natural Gas Drilling Bill Delayed

State Senate action on a bill to regulate and impose fees on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania has been delayed for at least two weeks.


Pennsylvania State Senate Passes Bill To Reject Fed’s ‘Real ID’ Act

Fifteen states have moved to block Real ID. The bill now moves to the state House.


(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

City of Chester May Be Eligible For Red Light Cameras

Philadelphia already has them but now the city of Chester would be among the Pennsylvania cities eligible for red light traffic cameras under legislation approved by a state Senate committee yesterday.


(File photo)

Corbett and Chester State Sentator In Favor Of Electoral Vote Changes

Governor Corbett and State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R) are supporting a major change to the way Pennsylvania awards its electoral votes in presidential elections.


(Gov. Tom Corbett.  AP file photo)

Pennsylvania Legislature Holds Sunday Session To Try To Finalize Budget

Pennsylvania continues to inch closer to a new state budget ahead of Thursday’s deadline. Lawmakers held a rare Sunday session as they attempt to wrap up work on the budget and other legislation.


Pa. Senate Set To Take Up Pair Of Abortion Bills

One Senate bill is in response to the West Philadelphia abortion clinic horrors. Among its many provisions, that measure tightens policies regarding inspections, handling of complaints, and clinic reporting of “serious” events.


Some Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Cut Benefit to Illegal Immigrants

The Pennsylvania Senate this week passed and sent to the House a pair of bills intended to cut off benefits to illegal aliens in Pennsylvania.


(Capitol dome, Harrisburg, Pa.   File photo)

On-Time Budget In Harrisburg Not A Sure Thing

Despite the fact that Republicans control the state legislature and the governor’s office, a noted Pennsylvania political analyst thinks an on-time budget is not a slam dunk this year.


file photo

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Set To Tackle Self-Defense Bill Again

State lawmakers will take a look at controversial legislation that would expand the right to use lethal force in self-defense.



Pennsylvania Lawmakers Revisit School Voucher Program

Along with an effort to sell off state liquor stores, a new attempt to establish a school voucher program is shaping up as one of the big issues for Pennsylvania lawmakers in the year ahead.


Pennsylvania’s Top Jurist Says New State Court Judges Would Be Too Costly

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Chief Justice continues to wage the fight against appointing new judges to the state’s courts.



Rendell Calls For Meeting Over Natural Gas Tax

Governor Rendell is ripping state Senate Republicans, accusing them of stalling efforts to pass a tax on the state’s fledgling natural gas drilling industry.