Federal Agency Rules LGBT Workplace Discrimination Is IllegalThe move, announced without fanfare this past week by the EEOC, is persuasive but not binding on federal courts.
Employment Discrimination Laws Apply Not Just To Race But Also ColorMany employers don't realize that there is, in fact, a difference between race and color - and it’s a discrimination lesson companies are learning the hard way.
Background Checks For Job ApplicantsThe law on background checks is confusing to many. When can your employer hold your past criminal record against you?
Discriminatory Hiring PracticesThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed claims this month against two companies that don’t seem to have much in common - except for their hiring practices.
EEOC Says Some Companies Exclude Job Applicants With Criminal Records Too BroadlyOne lawsuit was filed in South Carolina against automaker BMW for firing 70 black employees based on background checks -- some of whom had been there for years.
Employers Paying For DiscriminationThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently released its statistics on the claims made in 2012. How much money did employers have to pay?
Former Whole Foods Employee Claims He Was Fired Because Of His Islamic FaithA former Whole Foods employee is claiming he had to choose between his faith and his employment.
Feds Investigate Reports Of Discrimination Against UnemployedFederal officials are concerned about reports that some companies are trying to exclude the unemployed from applying for job openings.

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