Enrique Latoison

(Aida Guzman, center of photo, listens as her attorney, Enrique Latoison, left, speaks with reporters.  Credit: John McDevitt)

City Settles Lawsuit With Woman Hit By Cop During Puerto Rican Day Parade

Aida Guzman, seen on video getting struck in the face by a Philadelphia police lieutenant, has settled her case against the City of Philadelphia.


(Aida Guzman, who was punched by a Philadelphia police officer during a street altercation last weekend, arrives at City Hall with her attorneys for a meeting with Mayor Nutter.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Woman Punched By Philly Cop Gets Apology From Mayor Nutter

“Yeah, he apologized to me, and I feel good for that,” Aida Guzman said after the private meeting with the mayor.


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Commissioner Ramsey Promises Swift, Thorough Investigation Into Officer Beating Incident

The outrage spread as fast as the video. With nearly a million hits in two days, the YouTube video of Lt. Jonathan Josey punching Aida Guzman, 39, has gone viral, picked up by news networks across the country.