Zeoli Show Log 10.13.16Rich discussed the latest election poll data, the lack of ad support from the RNC for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's tax plan. He also discussed James O'Keefe being suspended from Twitter after dropping 2 videos regarding Hillary Clinton, Geno's Steaks removing 'Speak English' sign and Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine pandering to Millennial voters. Rich spoke with Andrew T. Miltenberg at 4:30pm.
State Rep Defends Bill That Would Make English Official Language In Pa.Metcalfe, in an interview with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, alleged that this legislation has broad support and that Representatives would be wise to send the bill to the State Senate.
Voters Likely To Face Ballot Referendum On Government Access For Non-English SpeakersCouncilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez wants to change the city charter so that all departments and agencies would be required to have plans on dealing with residents who primarily speak other languages.
College Releases Annual List Of 'Banished Words' Did you huddle up with your “bae” during last year’s “Polar Vortex” and “curate” a really great list of life “hacks”?
Houston Radio Host Speaks Out About 'No Spanish' Incident At Texas School Dom Giordano talked with Tony Diaz, a radio host from Houston, on Tuesday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about a school principal who was removed after she warned students not to speak Spanish.
For Some Users, Facebook Search Feature Gets An UpgradeStarting Monday, Facebook will launch its upgraded search engine, “Graph Search,” to all users in the United States.
Top Spots For A Taste Of BritainPrince Harry will be invading U.S. territory (including NJ!) over the next week, and just in time for his visit, we've rounded up the area's top pubs and restaurants with British flair.
Author: ‘100 More Words Every High School Graduate Should Know’There's no firm agreement on how many words are in the English language, but it's easily hundreds of thousands, of which we regularly use a small percentage.
Language Learning Website Ranks World's Sexiest LanguagesJust in time for Valentine’s Day, a new survey of more than 5,000 people has revealed the world’s sexiest language – and it’s exactly what you thought.
Brotherly Love: Tutor And Student Bond Over BooksWhen people immigrate to the United States, it can be a challenge to learn English, especially as an adult. As Ukee Washington shows us, volunteers are donating their time and expertise to help.
Brotherly Love: Teaching English To Immigrants
Teachers Are the Key

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