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Multitasking Mom

Study: Social Acceptance Of Working Moms At An All-time High

Researchers say acceptance is likely to continue to increase, even in the case of working moms with young kids.


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Amazon Hosts Job Fair Today, Expects To Hire Hundreds

By Jim Donovan: Amazon’s local fulfillment center in Robbinsville, NJ will be hosting an in-person hiring event today, Wednesday, June 24 from 10:00 am to 7:00 p.m. The hiring event is being held at the […]


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How Wasting Time At Work Could Cost You

If you’re wasting time at work can your boss dock your pay?


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To Have A Thriving Business, Pick People Passionate About Your Industry

Pick passionate people. The people whom I hire are people that I know. I hire friends and friends of friends.


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Philadelphia Marketing Founder Went From Homeless To Business Owner

Malik Boyd, Founder of Premiere Brand Marketing, grew up in Philadelphia and found himself sleeping at Penn Station. After finally finding temporary gigs in New York, he was able to build a resume geared towards a marketing career.


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Competence In Patients With Complex Medical Conditions Is Key

“Continue to develop your clinical skills and look for opportunities to gain competence in the care of patients with complex medical condition,” says Jill Peacock DNP, RN.


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Philadelphia Tech Company Is Transforming The Business Processes

“Our partnership with Apple’s Business Channel truly enables shared clients to transform their business processes through mobile technologies in simple, powerful ways,” says Steve Metzman.


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Engaging Students Is Most Challenging Aspect Of Teaching

The technology offers computer-based simulations in a workshop setting. The educators are confronted with real-world experiences that help them improve their ability to solve problems effectively in schools.



Success Comes From Hard Work For A Philadelphia Attorney

“I worked for attorneys throughout law school. As long as you are willing to work hard and put forth 100 percent effort, you will succeed in this business,” says Michael Fienman.


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Mentors Are An Important Part Of A Career In Therapy

“Your career path within psychology should be carefully chosen with the guidance and direction of mentors, so that you get the right level of education and/or licensure needed to do what is that you would like to do,” says Andrew Assini.


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Minimum Wage Increase Goes Into Effect In Del. On Monday

The new rate is $8.25 an hour.


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Compassion Is Needed To Succeed In Philadelphia Nursing Field

“In my opinion, one of the number one traits needed to work successfully in our current health care environment is compassion,” says RN Elisha Lowe.


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Interning Was Key When Pursuing Career For Philadelphia CEO

“Intern. intern, intern! Preferably in diverse business environments. Use that time to learn something about a variety of roles,” says CEO Ari Goldberger.


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Employees Can’t Be Forced Into Lie Detector Test

It is illegal to force employees of private companies to take lie detector tests.


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Teachers Must View Themselves As Learners In Order To Be Effective Teachers

“I believe teachers must view themselves as learners in order to be effective teachers,” says CEO Dr. Joanne Barnett.