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Alcoholism May Be A Disability

A history of alcoholism is, in fact, a disability and not only can’t employers fire an employee because of his alcoholism, it must reasonably accommodate his disability.


Illegal To Forbid Salary Discussion Among Employees

The Double Eagle Hotel and Casino in Colorado had a policy forbidding employees from discussing their salaries and bonuses with each other – but that policy is a violation of the law.



Drug Testing At Work

With some states legalizing marijuana, what is an employer’s right to drug test employees?


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Dealing With A Smelly Coworker

So long as there is no intent to discriminate on the basis of gender or other protected status, it is not only okay to tell someone he or she smells, but it may be a kindness.


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Legally Badmouthing Your Employer

We’ve heard the advice: anything you post online about your employer can get you fired. Yeah. Only that’s not exactly true.


Employers Paying For Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has recently released its statistics on the claims made in 2012. How much money did employers have to pay?


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Buying Extra Vacation Time

One recent trend in employee benefits is that of employers who allow employees to buy or sell their vacation time. That’s right. You can pay your boss not to have to come to work.


Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is a legal principle under which an employer is held liable for the actions of its employees.


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Independent Contractor Vs. Employee

How do you know if the guy who’s working for you – your lawn service or the woman cleaning your house is your employee or your independent contractor?


Suing An Employer For Emotional Distress

Anyone who has been fired has faced emotional distress. But when can you file a claim against your former employer for intentional infliction of emotional distress?


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3 Delaware Daycare Employees Accused Of Encouraging Toddlers To Fight Released

The three daycare employees who were arrested for encouraging two 3-year-olds to fight each other while at the daycare have been released.


Polygraph Tests

If you are an employer and you suspect your employee has done something illegal call the cops because, with few exceptions, you’re not allowed to order or administer a lie detector test.



UPDATE: Rite Aid Robber Arrested

Philadelphia police have arrested a suspect who threatened pharmacy workers with a knife numerous times while trying to steal merchandise.



Knife-Wielding Suspect Sought In Rite Aid Robberies

Philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who has threatened pharmacy workers with a knife numerous times when they confronted him for trying to steal merchandise.


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IRS Offers New Program For Business Owners Who Incorrectly Classify Employees As Freelancers

The IRS is offering a break for business owners who incorrectly classify workers as freelancers.