Ellen Kaplan

The Capitol Building in Pennsylvania's capital Harrisburg. (Credit: MLADEN ANTONOV/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Pennsylvania Democrats Compete For Lieutenant Governor Nomination

One poll released last week showed almost half of all Democratic voters don’t have a preference in the race for lieutenant governor.


(Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane.  File photo by Tony Romeo)

Watchdog Group Calls For Independent Probe of Pa. Legislative Sting Controversy

Ellen Kaplan of the Committee of 70 says the matter of the quashed sting needs to be investigated, and a public accounting needs to be made.


(Shane Creamer of the city's Board of Ethics, left.  Ellen Kaplan of the watchdog group Committee of 70, right.
 Images from City of Phila. TV)

Phila. Lawmakers OK $99 Limit On Gifts To City Workers — With Exceptions

Shane Creamer (left), of the city’s Board of Ethics, backed the limit. Ellen Kaplan of the watchdog group Committee of 70 (right), thinks it should be lower.


(Philadelphia City Hall.  File photo by Tony Hanson)

Phila. Ethics Board Moves Closer To Specific Bans on Gifts For City Employees

Not only is the city’s 50-year-old law currently covering such gifts quite vague, but it fails to set specific limits on the value of gifts that city workers can accept.


(A sign at a Penndot center advertises that it offers a new, less stringent form of ID card usable only for voting purposes.  File photo by John Ostapkovich)

Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Is Back In Court Today

Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson is expected to layout the timeline for the remainder of the case, including the date when a final decision on the voter ID law could be made.


voter registration app PA DL

Watchdog Group Says 20,000+ Phila. Voter Registrations Still Not Processed

City officials say not to worry, they’ll get it done in time.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Watchdog Group Says Voters Shouldn’t Use Absentee Ballots to Skirt ID Law

Play by the rules. That’s the word from Philadelphia’s election watchdog group, The Committee of 70.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Reports Show Many Local Voters Lack Proper Photo I.D.

Nearly one in five Philadelphia voters do not have the most common form of identification that will be required for casting ballots in November, acording to data released by state election officials.