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Elementary Education


Doctor Recommends Eye Screening As Standard For Young Students

Dr. Pamela Gallin recommends vision screenings be taken as seriously as vaccination requirements with uniform standards. Kids who can’t see, can’t learn.


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A Race To Keep Philadelphia’s Kids Reading Through The Summer

The Free Library of Philadelphia has organized a reading ‘race to prevent the “summer slide,” skills that are lost when kids don’t read over the vacation months.



Oklahoma Investing In Early Childhood Education

With every 4-year-old having access to free high quality kindergarten, and younger kids from some disadvantaged families getting access to full-day year-round nursery school, Oklahoma is investing in its children.



Teaching Kids To Understand The World Through Science

GeoKids LINKS, now celebrating its 20th year, was developed in Philadelphia, with teaching units in grades 1-5, offering a ninety minute weekly lesson in four North Philadelphia schools


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Good Teachers Bring Lasting Gains

Data from a new study show that teachers who help raise test scores of elementary and middle school students have a positive effect far beyond academics – and it can be measured in dollars and cents.


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Raising A Thinking Child

In light of escalating violence and drug-abuse among the nation’s youth, it’s critical that we teach children skills that help them think about what they do so they won’t hurt themselves or others. One program is working.



Summer Losses Into Gains

Summer Learning Initiative combines targeted K-3 instruction with parent training and incentives to keep kids from falling behind during the summer months.


Computer Program Raising Math Scores

ST Math, a computer-based supplemental math program has dramatically improved the math skills of students at an elementary school in California.